Antica Fratta - Franciacorta Rosé Magnum

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Wine/Vino Grandi Formati/Sparkling/Vino Franciacorta Rosè/Franciacorta Wine





Espresso Bottiglia Gialla
Gambero Rosso

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Toast  Earthfood Starters  Seafood starters  Seafood Pasta Dishes  Meat White  Fish  Asian Dishes  Semi-cured cheeses


Long experience has taught that the quality of a wine is created above all in the vineyard that yielded it. Determining elements, therefore, are the individual clone of the grapevines, density of vines per hectare, low yield per vine, and hand picking of the clusters at precisely the right degree ofripeness.
A gentle pressing comes next, so that only the free-run must can be used, and then a slow, low-temperature fermentation, which preserves intact the grape's delicate natural aromas. Following the fermentation, the wines from the various vineyards are tasted, to evaluate their characteristics and to blend the assemblage.
The final cuvée is then given a liqueur de tirage, a syrup made of some of the same wine plus cultured yeasts and cane sugar, and the wine is bottled with special metal caps. The yeasts thereafter transform the sugars into alcohol and CO2, a natural biological process creating the effervescence that gives franciacorta its bubbles.
To facilitate this, the bottles are laid down horizontally, and they rest a minimum of two years in the cellar, at a constant 100c.

More Information
Manufacturer Antica Fratta
Size Magnum
Gradation 12%
Body Medium
Ageing and Fining Da disciplinare, minimo 30 mesi dalla vendemmia, di cui 24 mesi sui lieviti. Dopo la sboccatura le bottiglie riposano ancora in cantina per altri 3-4 mesi
Color A soft shade of pink, with reflections that veer towards salmon pink and can vary slightly from one year to another, due to the different degree of ripeness of the pinot noir grapes. Perlage fine and persistent, abundant and creamy mousse
Perlage fine e persistente
Aroma Intense, of small red berries with aromas of fruit compote
Aroma Bread Crust, Vegetal, Floral, Fruity, Spicy
Taste A good composition and structure, fragrant, intense, balanced, excellent persistence and a pleasant body
Serving temperature 6°-8° C.
Blend description 60% Pinot nero, 40 Chardonnay
Contains sulfites Yes
Zona Lombardia
Matching Aperitif, Hot fish starters, Rice with fish and tomato, Fish and tomato soup, Quiche / savoury pie, Asian dishes, White meat, Grilled fish, Fish stew, Semi-cured cheeses
Ideal with Toast, Earthfood Starters, Seafood starters, Seafood Pasta Dishes, Meat White, Fish, Asian Dishes, Semi-cured cheeses
Classification Franciacorta DOCG
Organic No
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