Podere Arundineto - Arundineto 2014 Ml. 750

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Red Wine/Wine/Red

Ml. 750


To 12 months



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Earthfood Starters  Pasta With Vegetables  Pasta Meat  Meat Red  Cured cheeses  Dessert


I had to think of a slogan for my company would be ...
"Earth as love wine as a passion!"
Since my family has always lived relationship with the land and its products as a natural condition of life, and for me, over time, this relationship has turned into a passion.
The idea of producing wine is not just a profession but a vocation, a way to enhance and yield back to nature a part of what has given us. That's why our wines are designed with consideration for the environment and for those who like to taste the wine.
Nothing has been added to the land "has been able to do" if not the effort of collecting, the select and a bit of wisdom. Our wine cellar, though not old, comes from a long-standing project that is realized in recent times have passed now 10 years since construction of the first home to Via del Casone Ugolino and two years new a cellar was built near of our vineyards. The project is based on belonging to a territory among the most prestigious of Tuscany and then the world, in fact, our vineyards are part of the Bolgheri DOC wines which boasts of the highest excellence.
Today in the basement of Podere Arundineto produce wines "Arundineto", "Tamarisco", "Vermentino", "Rosato di Bolgheri" and you reach the maximum expression of quality with "Boscatico."

More Information
Manufacturer Podere Arundineto
Year 2014
Size Ml. 750
Gradation 14%
Body Medium
Ageing and Fining For a period of at least 6 months (stainless steel tanks), the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation and refines its quality 'flavor'.
Ageing To 12 months
Color Intense ruby red and bright.
Aroma Aromas of ripe fruit are highlighted with notes of spice, leather, cinnamon and vanilla with a slight woody note in the finish.
Aroma balsamic, Floral, Fruity, Spicy, Burnt
Taste An elegant wine is fruity, very pleasant to the taste with round tannins and well-refined, comes with a strong tannic balance and drinkability due to the fragrance of the fruit that characterizes it.
Serving temperature 16°-18° C.
Blend description Merlot 80%, Cabernet 10%, Petit Verdot 10%
Contains sulfites Yes
Zona Toscana
Matching Starters, Ham , Pasta, Rice with mushrooms, Roast, Braised meat, T-bone steak (Florentine steak), Red meat, Roasted red meat, Red meat stew, Grilled meat, Kill, Game, Dishes with truffle, Cured cheeses, Meditation wines / Dessert wines
Ideal with Earthfood Starters, Pasta With Vegetables, Pasta Meat, Meat Red, Cured cheeses, Dessert
Classification Toscana IGT
Organic No
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