Uccelliera - Brunello di Montalcino 2011 Ml. 750

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Red Wine/Wine/Red

Ml. 750


At least 24 months



Veronelli stella rossa

Ideal with

Meat Red


In Castelnuovo dell'Abate, where my family verwurzelt is and always with the work on the country and was connected for the village, I could acquire at the end of of 1986 a farmhouse with property and continue with it this tradition. The natural suitability of this soil for the cultivation of wine and olivenbaeumen as well as my business spirit me difficult moments helped to overcome. The acquisition I began right after to make important changes in order to transform the possession into predominantly the viticulture dedicated an agriculture enterprise. I maintained the original name "Uccelliera" (bird house). Although the emphasis of the yard should be the viticulture, the olivenbaeume, which framed the farmhouse, stand calmly from respect for these several hundred years old plants. Growing and prospering the yard led to an expansion of the viticulture. Under careful retaining of the characteristic characteristics of building and environment the property house was reconditioned. In order to become fair the need according to the new functional premises for the wine preparing, development and storage to change the existing buildings made a cellar under without the characteristic of the place.
The vineyards cover a surface of around 6 hectares planted with selected clones and with a high density of vines.
The direction of the rows, the constant and attentive manual care of the vineyard to maintain a balanced growth and a regular thinning of the bunches contribute to the production of grapes that are perfectly ripe, healty and fragrant all essential requirements for a balanced wine rich in structure, suitable for brief and long ageing.


The original, old wine cellar now a new building follows, whose dimensions permit an optimal working, in order to achieve a ever better quality. The guiding principle selected with the construction work was an adequate evaluation of the place, the preservation of the landscape and continuity when tying to the tradition of the old yard. 

The wine cellars underground put on, both the old and the new, make the fermentation of the wine and its maturing possible in holzfaessern and in bottles at natural and constant temperatures during the whole period away. The selection of the grapes met during the harvest separates those, which are intended for the production of the Brunello di Montalcino and/or the Rosso di Montalcino. They originate from wine gardens, which were pulled and maintained duringthe whole vegetation time for exactly this purpose.

More Information
Manufacturer Uccelliera
Year 2011
Size Ml. 750
Gradation 15%
Body Heavy
Ageing and Fining Maturation in Slavonian and French oak barrels for a minimum of 24 months, in special vintages up to 36 months, affinage bottle ageing for a minimum of 6 months before released for sale
Ageing At least 24 months
Color ruby red
Aroma Elegant and well balanced
Aroma balsamic, Floral, Fruity, Spicy, Burnt
Taste powerful, but clean and smooth and a dynamic rising finale.
Serving temperature 16°-18° C.
Blend description Sangiovese 100%
Contains sulfites Yes
Zona Toscana
Matching Braised meat, Red meat, Roasted red meat, Red meat stew, Grilled meat, Kill, Game, Stew
Ideal with Meat Red
Classification Brunello Di Montalcino DOCG
Organic No
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