Brezza - Barbera D' Alba Santa Rosalia 2012 Ml. 750

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Red Wine/Vignaioli Indipendenti/Wine/Red

Ml. 750




Ideal with

Pasta Meat  Meat Red  Semi-cured cheeses


Location: Towns of Alba

Trellising: Vertical canopy

Vineyard expansion: 0,88 ha

Pruning system: traditional Guyot

Exposure: West

Planting with: 0,8 m X 2.7 m.

Altitude: 300 m

Plant density: 4,630 plants per hectare

Varietal: Barbera

Production: about 7,000 KG / ha

Rootstock clone: K5BB

Year planted: 1952

Soil characteristics

Production process

The soil in this area on the border between the town of Alba and Diano d’Alba thus making this wine well suited to produce a great Barbera, floral and elegant. We decided to make the wine coming from this vineyard in a very clean expression by avoiding the use of wood contact completely and always closing the bottle with a glass stopper.

Serving recommendations

The wine is usually placed on the market in the month of July following the harvest. It should be drink at a temperature of 18 °C / 64 °F and accompanied by salami, mortadella, and pairs great also with richer fattier meats: it plays off the fresh meat nuances of this wine. It is recommended to consume young but will maintain a good level of quality up to three or four years.

More Information
Manufacturer Brezza
Year 2012
Size Ml. 750
Gradation 13.50%
Body Medium
Color Ruby red in color
Aroma Pleasant to the nose, characterized by hints of red fruit such as cherry and strawberry, and tertiary nuances of coffee, chocolate and mint
Aroma Vegetal, Floral, Fruity, Spicy, Burnt
Taste It is fresh and structured, with smooth tannins and a long and flowing and clean finish.
Serving temperature 16°-18° C.
Blend description Barbera
Contains sulfites Yes
Zona Piemonte
Matching Ham , Pasta, Red meat, Semi-cured cheeses
Ideal with Pasta Meat, Meat Red, Semi-cured cheeses
Classification Barbera d' Alba DOC
Organic No
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