Cantine Teanum - Otre Nero Di Troia Rosato 2017 Ml. 750

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Ml. 750


To 12 months



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Earthfood Starters  Seafood starters  Pasta With Vegetables  Seafood Pasta Dishes  Fish  Cured cheeses


eanum comes from the name of the ancient roman city Teanum Apulum. This city was situated where nowadays exists the city of San Paolo di Civitate. This antique city was so important for the Romans that today the whole region it is called Puglia as a derivation of Apulum. Since then this region has been characterized by the cultivation of vines as well as olives. Cantina Teanum is a group formed by entrepreneurs from the Puglia region who seek to show the goodness that the Romans had found in these lands. All this added to the incorporation of the highest technology for the development of the wines and a specialized management that looks to deliver our customers a very attractive product enologically and esthetically talking. Our aim is to build and project our wines towards new markets, turning them into the voice of tradition, history, typicality and also innovation, as well as to perpetuate our enological competence. The restructuring of the vineyards, the choice of reducing the quantity of grapes per hectare, the attention in every productive phase both in the vineyard and in the winery represent the patient and tenacious work of our people, that generates quality in our wines, and, at the same time, value the enological ability of our region. Beyond that, we add the use of native grapes, the talent of our winemaker and the climatic characteristics of the area; we have everything that it is required to produce and make unique wines. It is our philosophy to offer excellent wines with a completely reasonable quality and price.
The Territory
Thanks to its geographical position, between 41° 54´and 39° 47´north, mitigated by the maritime climate of the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas and with about 800 km of coast, the Apulia is extraordinarily and anciently connected to wine. The whole area, with the exception of the Gargano and the Murge, shows no significant relief; and the proximity to the sea and its influence with its strong winds create an ideal location for the development of viticulture. The geographical position, a historical crossroad between east and west, might make believe that much of the grapes present in Europe have traveled from here. The Apulia region, confluence of people and melting pot of cultures and civilizations, is a place where the presence of the Greek, the Byzantine, the Swabian and the Spaniards, still can be found nowadays. The cultivation of grapevines was practiced even before the Phoenician settlement (2000 b. C.). New grapes and new cultivation techniques were developed later on with the arrival of the Greek settlers. The Roman colonization found in Apulia excellent wines; and also after the fall of the Roman Empire, the agricultural development did not cease, and thanks to Federico II from Swabia, there was a spreading of new different grapes. After the unification of Italy, many intermediaries from North Italy loaded wines from Apulia. In the end the French became the major buyers. At the end of the 1800´s Apulia turned into the leading wine exporter of Italy. From 1870 to the first years of the 1900´s, grape cultivation was carried out with exceptional intensity; many historical sources mention an increase of the sown surface in Apulia from 90 thousand to approximately 300 thousand hectares, such an extraordinary development was never seen in other place of the world. San Paolo di Civitate Halfway between San Severo and Serracapriola, San Paolo di Civitate arises from the top of a hill where the view embraces the mount Sub-Appenino and also the Gargano. This land is very fertile due to the neighbouring Fortore River and the Civitate, Staina and Radicosa streams. The origins of San Paolo go back to the beginning of the first millennium B.C., when the Daunios settled down in this area. They
Cantina teanum has 165 hectares (400 acres) of own vineyards located in the north area of the Puglia, which are distributed in fifth estates (Predicatella, Ricci, Zecchino, Coppa Castello and Il Vignale). In order to give our vines the exact quantity of water that they need for the production of quality wines, all our vineyards have drip irrigation. We mainly use two trellis systems pergola and low trellis. At the moment we produce several varieties in our vineyards -typical as well as internationally known- among whites we can find Bombino, Chardonnay, Falanghina, Fiano, Trebbiano y Malvasia while in reds we can find Aglianico, Primitivo, Negroamaro, Syrah, Nero di Troia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Montepulciano y Sangiovese.
The construction of our winery has been recently finished and all our bottled wines are produced in it. The winery counts with the most modern technology so as to give our wines an excellent enological quality. The cellar of our winery is underground in order to give our wines a better care during the process of aging. Also we own another winery that in its early times was an antique viticultural cooperative. Nowadays it is only used to produce bulk wines thought to supply other wineries that use it to bottle it under its own brand name or to be used as a blend.

More Information
Manufacturer Cantine Teanum
Year 2017
Size Ml. 750
Gradation 12,5%
Body Medium
Ageing To 12 months
Color Rosa cerasuolo il colore, luminoso e caratterizzato da eleganti riflessi corallo
Aroma Al naso i sentori olfattivi ricordano i piccoli e fragranti frutti di bosco, che sono seguiti da piacevoli sfumature floreali.
Aroma Vegetal, Floral, Fruity
Taste In bocca è armonico e fresco l’assaggio, buona la persistenza e gradevolmente ammandorlata la chiusura.
Serving temperature 12°-14° C.
Blend description 100% Chardonnay
Contains sulfites Yes
Zona Puglia
Matching Ham , Sushi and Sashimi, Fish tartare, Smoked Fish Appetizers, Cold fish starters, Pasta with sauce, Pasta with asparagus, Pasta with vegetables, Pasta with fish, Rice with fish, Pizza, Steamed fish or crustacean, Fish-fry, Fish stew, Cured cheeses
Ideal with Earthfood Starters, Seafood starters, Pasta With Vegetables, Seafood Pasta Dishes, Fish, Cured cheeses
Classification Puglia IGT
Organic No
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