Azienda Agricola Sturm - Collio Friulano 2014 Ml. 750

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Vino Grandi Formati/White Wine

Ml. 750




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Toast  Seafood starters  Pasta With Vegetables  Seafood Pasta Dishes  Meat White  Fish  Soft cheeses  Semi-cured cheeses


It is this distinctive character blended with a pronounced minerality, sapidity and strength of our wines that contributes to the unique and unforgettable sense of place of this eastern edge of Friuli.
Besides being the land of the prestigious DOC zone, the Collio is geologically unique as it features layers of soil containing marl of Eocene origin; an ideal bed for the vines.
Zegla is a succession of slopes that cross the Collio Friulano up to Slovenia. It is more than just vineyards: it is the garden where the well recognised great whites grow. Perfectly sheltered from the harsh winds it has a microclimate that is ideal for the vines. In just a few hectares of land, there is a concentration of élite wines that express the true spirit of the Collio.
Stubborn and reliable. Father to all Friulan wines.
A self-important wine. It is to the father you always need to look back to: the father to all Friulan wines; the source and remainder of the past, and the new page of a chapter yet to be written. This wine evolves in an extraordinary manner. Thrifty and essential, just like an old farmer: wise and strong as superhero. The Friulano is the hub. Very self-important, but very rightly so! <<< close

More Information
Manufacturer Sturm
Year 2014
Size Ml. 750
Gradation 13,5%
Body Medium
Ageing and Fining No wood
Color Splendid straw-yellow colour, clear and limpid.
Aroma It is typical and pleasant on the palate, with notes of acacia flowers, pear, thyme and almond.
Aroma Floral, Fruity, Spicy, Mineral
Taste The first taste is joyous and the flavours and aromas mingle with one another to form an elegant and enveloping union.
Serving temperature 12°-14° C.
Blend description Friulano 100%
Contains sulfites Yes
Zona Friuli Venezia Giulia
Matching Aperitif, Ham , Fish tartare, Hot fish starters, Pasta with vegetables, Pasta with fish and tomato, Rice with fish and tomato, Fish and tomato soup, White meat, Steamed fish or crustacean, Fish-fry, Soft cheeses, Semi-cured cheeses
Ideal with Toast, Seafood starters, Pasta With Vegetables, Seafood Pasta Dishes, Meat White, Fish, Soft cheeses, Semi-cured cheeses
Classification Collio DOC
Organic No
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