Michele Satta - Costa Di Giulia 2011 Ml. 750

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Earthfood Starters  Seafood starters  Seafood Pasta Dishes  Meat White  Fish


My arrival in Castagneto Carducci is "coincidental." I came from Varese, and I was on vacation with my dad, an engineer, Sardinian surname and chromosomes, and my mother, a teacher, when I received a job offer from the owner of a local farm. I had just enrolled at the University of Agriculture of Milan (I graduated four years later in Pisa) and immediately with my first internship in October 74, I started with the harvest! My job was cleaning, serving the most humble tasks, watching and more watching, studying and working.
I learned many aspects of agriculture, I learned that the land becomes hard when the wind blows; that there will be bad weather when the swallows fly low. I learned the cycle of the plant and why in certain areas of the field, plants struggle and in others, they do not. I learned that the peasant culture is an immense patrimony of unity with nature and patient respect of reality.
I decided to ride the wave of a boundless passion to start my own business and I took some old vines and their old cellar for rent. In the '83 the first harvest, and from that day on, a story that has grown step-by-step with the history of Bolgheri (1984 is the year of foundation of the Bolgheri DOC). I planted my first vineyard in ‘91 and then purchased the land that I could and I felt right to be able to make wine, from the grapes I had planted and produce my own bottles. In those years my experience grew not only of the land but also of the international wine culture, and I began travelling abroad. This widened knowledge and comparisons.
My wife Lucia joined me in this adventure and, along with the company's history, shared with me the growth of a beautiful and large family: infact six children were born, five daughters and one son.
Now two of them, Giacomo and Benedetta, curious and passionat, are personally part of this company: on the path of tradition while looking at the new, the journey of the second generation begins!


The peculiarity of the DOC Bolgheri, established in 1984, is that it comprises an area of land facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, towards the west and surrounded by hills on the remaining cardinal points, as well as a theatre watches the stage.
It is of significant importance the presence of the sea for three reasons. The first is that it reflects the sunlight, thus allowing for a quantity and quality of light that allows a full and complete functioning of the photosynthetic apparatus of the plant, bringing the grape to very complex phenolic ripening. The second very important aspect in that the sea acts as a thermal flywheel: in definition, the summers are not too hot during the day and yet, cool at night. In this way the plant is not stressed, but rather is induced to a more fluid functioning of the secondary metabolism. Finally, there are winds blowing toward the coast. The wind is important because it makes the air less saturated with water. Moisture is one of the major causes of the development of fungal diseases and largely reflects the light of the sun, reducing the radiation on the plants. The winds that blow from the sea are directed by Monte Capanne (1,019 meters high) located on the island of Elba. The surrounding hills protect the vineyards from the wind and violent alongside sporadic showers especially in the summer. Therefore August rains that could cause insidious rot little before the harvest, are less of a threat.
Our vineyards cover a total area of about 23 hectares, including our own land as well as leased property. They are among the southernmost vineyards, in the area that the zoning made by Professor Attilio Scienza called "Accattapane". They are located in the centre of the commune of Castagneto Carducci and thus the restricted production area of Bolgheri DOC wines. In this area there are also the vineyards of Micheletti, Enrico Santini, Guado al Tasso and a little more southern the vineyards of Argentiera.
The soils are of medium consistency, with a slight tendency towards the sandy grain size. Beyond the quantitative description of the size and fertility of the soil, it is good to say that this area is close to the hills of Castagneto Carducci and to the Donoratico Tower. This proximity allows for important water reserves in the soil during the summer, because the hills collect all the spring / summer rains, allowing them to empty on to the Bolgheri plain.
The land not too far from the hills benefiting from these reserves and never goes in water stress even in years when there is not a drop of rain from May to September.
Therefore the soils are very fertile and bring plants to full vegetative expression that often must be controlled by agronomic techniques during the growing season.
The vineyards from which we vinify grapes were planted by Michele during 90s.
In each vineyard there are the vines that Michele felt, after years of observation, to be the most representative of Bolgheri (without excluding further experiments in the future). For whites they are Viognier, Vermentino and Sauvignon, while the reds are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese and Teroldego. The presence of individual grape varieties in the different vineyards, allows us to have numerous expressions of varieties, so that we can understand how the vineyards behave every year. The vineyards that express greater balance and complexity will provide the grapes for our most important wines. This enables us to understand what are the characteristics that make one vineyard, better than over another, allowing us over the time to have some idea of the characteristics of our vineyards

More Information
Manufacturer Michele Satta
Year 2011
Size Ml. 750
Gradation 12,5%
Body Light
Ageing and Fining No wood
Color Dense and light golden with subtle green hints which mature along with the wine into a warm golden color.
Aroma Fine and elegant with intense notes of Honeysuckle and mature fruits. Harmonious with balance between primary and secondary perfumes. During the evolution the nose becomes more important with sensations of dried fruits, pine honey and a perfume rich in minerals and pine.
Aroma Floral, Fruity, Mineral
Taste Full, harmonious, well balanced between acidity and fruit. Finishing with a subtle bitterness, dry and elegant, unique.
Serving temperature 12°-14° C.
Blend description Vermentino 65% - Sauvignon 35%.
Contains sulfites Yes
Zona Toscana
Matching Sushi and Sashimi, Fish tartare, Cold fish starters, Pasta with fish and tomato, Pasta with fish, Rice with fish and tomato, Rice with fish, Fish and tomato soup, Quiche / savoury pie, White meat, Fish-fry, Fish
Ideal with Earthfood Starters, Seafood starters, Seafood Pasta Dishes, Meat White, Fish
Classification Bolgheri Bianco DOC
Organic No
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