Progettidivini - Cuvèe Rosè Extra Dry Ml. 750

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Wine/Sparkling/Vino Spumante Rosato

Ml. 750




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Toast  Seafood starters  Seafood Pasta Dishes  Meat White  Fish


The ancient Brandolini d'Adda Villa, once the property of the noble family who settled in the territory of Soligo at the beginning of the 1900s, has been home to company.
The company, skilled in the production of high quality wines, was born from the idea of the Masiero family who successfully runthis project, availing themselves of a well-established entrepreneurial experience.
The villa's stunning structure, thanks to the versatility of the buildings that make
it up, offers the possibility of organising events, parties and wine tastings within the splendid surroundings of Soligo and
the Valdobbiadene area.


The Prosecco Superiore DOCG (controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin) originates from and extends over 4,500 hectares of land between the town of Valdobbiadene, to the west, and Conegliano to the east. The vineyards stand at the feet of the Treviso pre-Alps, at a height of between 50 and 500 metres above sea level. The grapes of our Prosecco DOCG sparkling wines originate from the Valdobbiadene area, in particular from San Pietro di Barbozza, Guia and Col San Martino.
The unique conformity of the land, gifted with a good temperature range between day and night, lends the prosecco grape the organoleptic characteristics that give it its exclusive aroma and fragrance. Thanks to its rich sugar content, this type of grape is the perfect base for sparkling wines.
All our grapes are rigorously hand-picked, boxed and taken to the wine cellar as quickly as possible, in order to avoid compromising the fruit's integrity. Approximately 10 hectares of land are worked in order to obtain a grape that is qualified for its fresh and floral perfume which, when transferred to the bottle, restores its natural, native characteristics.
The Prosecco, in its most classic sparkling version, has for years received a favourable response from consumers around the world. The secret behind its increasing success is found in the product's particular characteristics: for example, its striking versatility.


Along the bends in the River Sile, in the heart of the March of Treviso, Prosecco grapes are part of the traditional agricultural heritage, and between small plots and long rows the vineyards cover the entire Padan Plain.
This is where Prosecco D.O.C is born and it is here that the Tenuta Masiero tends its vineyards of Glera grapes, which are harvested exclusively by hand. More than 10 hectares of alluvial clay soil, rich in minerals, which the Masiero family cultivates with passion and dedication to obtain a product with guaranteed and certified quality.

More Information
Manufacturer Progettidivini
Size Ml. 750
Gradation 11%
Body Medium
Ageing and Fining Secondary fermentation with Charmat method for minimum of 60 days with constant temperature control between 16-18 °C.
Color Brilliant deep pink with ruby glints
Aroma Red berries, in particular strawberry and raspberry
Aroma Floral, Fruity
Taste Agreeably intense, fruity and particularly fragrant. The harmony created by the brilliant colour plus the aroma of red berries makes it highly quaffable and pleasant to drink
Serving temperature 4°- 6° C.
Blend description 100% raboso grapes
Contains sulfites Yes
Zona Veneto
Matching Aperitif, Hot fish starters, Pasta with fish and tomato, Rice with fish and tomato, Fish and tomato soup, White meat stew, Pizza, Fish stew
Ideal with Toast, Seafood starters, Seafood Pasta Dishes, Meat White, Fish
Classification Veneto IGT
Organic No
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