Domori Dark Chocolate 80% Trinitario Gr. 50

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Food/Italian Desserts/Cioccolata

Gr. 50


Notes of citrus fruits and white flowers give this dark chocolate, made with Trinitario cacao, a sharp and strong aroma.


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Trinitario cacao is an aromatic cacao, its production covers the 8% of the global cacao harvest. It is an hybrid between Criollo and Forastero cacao: it is resistant and high in the yelds, just like a Forastero, but it still presents all the aromatic and sensory features of a Criollo. The flavour of chocolate evolves by returning to its origins. The aroma of each single chocolate ravishes your senses, evoking the exotic scents of the lands where they come from. Aromatic, fruity and persistent bouquets, sweet or rounded according to the origin of the cocoa used to make them.

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Manufacturer Domori
Size Gr. 50
Ingredients Cocoa mass, cane sugar. GLUTEN FREE
Zona Piemonte
Organic No
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