Mastroberardino - Falanghina Morabianca 2015 Ml. 750

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Seafood starters  Seafood Pasta Dishes  Meat White  Fish


Tradition is a value insofar as it is a bond of coherence and credibility compared to the decisions taken.
Mastroberardino family is living inside the socio-cultural wine world contest from two centuries, accordingly to the most reliable historical reconstructions. The first traces of its presence in Irpinia date back to the Bourbons land register, in the half of the Eighteenth century, when the family chose the town of Atripalda as its headquarter, where the ancient cellar is still located. There started an offspring that tied for ever the destiny of the future generations to the wine cult. Since then, ten generations led the family business, in always different circumstances, as it always happens in the stories of the most ancient family businesses.
The family estates are all located in Irpinia, in the heart of the areas of production of the three DOCG: Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino, Taurasi. They are distributed in several areas in order to save the identity, safeguard and development of the local varieties and vineyards.
Historically, this has always been Mastroberardino main mission, for the protection of traditional wine values of the area, caring at the same time for innovation and developing of a modern interpretation of its own wines. This is the smart blend of ancient culture's style and character together with most innovative and high quality technologies.
The Mastroberardino family was almost alone in Irpinia defending this patrimony up into the 1990s. If nowadays the wines of this area have a definite legitimate place among the most exclusive and famous world productions, it is due to the perseverance and the enormous contribution to culture by Antonio Mastroberardino, who was able to represent in a masterly manner the connection between the roots of the ancient world and man's unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
Viticulture in this area has ancient origins, dating back to the local population and then to the presence of Greek-Mycenaean settlers, who gave impetus to the age-old cultivation of the vine, then picked up by the Etruscans. Numerous historical testimonials highlight the particular value of the wines of this land, which in Roman times were only served during the most exclusive banquets.
The Irpinia wine district is characterized by a high variability of soil and climatic conditions due to the presence of the Partenio and Terminio mountain ranges which cross the entire territory. This heterogeneity gives expression to a range of productive varieties, all based on the ancient native viticulture, which differ in relation to the soil, the planting density, the vines and the vegetative growth.
The climate is continental, with cold winters and rather cool summers, and characterized by extreme thermal excursions between day and night, features that give the wines elegance, freshness and longevity.
Aglianico Campania
Irpinia terroir is particularly suited to viticulture because of its unique pedoclimatic characteristics influenced by the volcanic material of Vesuvius. It is the land of autochthonous viticulture in which the Aglianico grapevine is greatly diffused and is well known for its quality performance.

More Information
Manufacturer Mastroberardino
Year 2015
Size Ml. 750
Gradation 13,5%
Body Medium
Ageing and Fining No wood
Color Bright yellow with green reflections.
Aroma Fresh and fruity, with intense notes of tropical fruits, apple, melon, kiwi, peach, citrus and floral hints.
Aroma balsamic, Floral, Fruity, Spicy, Mineral
Taste Freshness is decisive thanks to a strong acidity in perfect balance with the wine structure.
Serving temperature 12°-14° C.
Blend description Falanghina 100%
Contains sulfites Yes
Zona Campania
Matching Sushi and Sashimi, Fish tartare, Cold fish starters, Pasta with fish, Rice with fish, Fish soup, White meat, Fish-fry, Fish
Ideal with Seafood starters, Seafood Pasta Dishes, Meat White, Fish
Classification Irpinia Falanghina DOC
Organic No
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