Giacomo Fenocchio - Barbera D' Alba Superiore 2018 Ml. 750

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Red Wine/Vignaioli Indipendenti/Wine/Red

Ml. 750


To 12 months



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Meat Red


The Fenocchio estate was founded in 1864. For over five generations, with its twelve hectares (thirty acres) of vineyards in the heart of the Barolo production zone, it produces and ages important wines, following in the footsteps of traditions handed down from father to son. In the post-war period, new energy was given to the estate's work by Giacomo Fenocchio, who began to acquire new vineyard land.Before the Second World War, the wine was sold principally in local markets: either in bulk or in demijohns, Larger ambitions began only in the early 1960's, with an eye to foreign markets as well.Today the sons of Giacomo Fenocchio Claudio and Albino export close to eighty per cent of their production, thereby creating a name and reputation for the family and a territory as well as for their wines.The wines have not changed over time: the style is a classic one, without substantial variations or a desire to impress with new techniques, faithful and loyal to venerable traditions, distrustful of an ephemeral popularity if that should mean a gradual loss of identity. Only the equipment for making the wines has changed. Advances in winemaking technology enable producers to mechanize operations and work with greater assurance and systematic and rigorous control of quality both in the vineyard and in the cellars. But fermentation, in any case, still lasts thirty days. The cellar was constructed in the pure and classic style of Piedmont in the year 2000. Despite the satisfying results, both commercially and in the reviews and writing of wine critics states Claudio Fenocchio we do not intend to rest on our laurels. In fact, among the new projects of the estate is the acquisition of new vineyard land in Bussia, a zone in which we firmly believe.
The love of the place of one's origins, the respect for the traditions which have made the territory of the Langhe in Piedmont something special these are the fundamental principals which inspire the work of this estate. The continuous search for innovative techniques which can preserve the environment is a value of equal importance.
The estate does not define its working methods as biological agriculture, but participates in a European program aimed at working without chemical products.
New acquisitions of vineyard land are made with an eye towards the family's historic landed patrimony, its vineyard properties, in order to obtain wines of the highest possible quality, ones which are representative of the territory in which the estate works and which maintain its fame and reputation.
An absolute respect for those who have worked the land in the past and the desire to preserve the memory of their accomplishments this is what has given and continues to give an historical continuity to the estate, its work, and its wines.
All of the Fenocchio wines are made from the grapes of the estate's proprietary vineyards located in three different townships: theBussia in Monforte d'Alba; Villero sub-zone of CastiglioneFalletto; and Cannubi in Barolo. All are grand cru vineyards and have always been recognized as such for the special microclimates which give them the potential to produce wines of exceptional character and personality and an aristocratic structure. The different characteristics of the soil and, in particular, of the sub-soils of these three subzones give wines which are notably different from one another. The microclimates and the excellent exposures (southeast and southwest) create highly favorable conditions for the ripening of the grapes and create as well special bio-chemical characteristics which produce the outstanding aromas and flavors of the wines made from these grapes.
Bussia in Monforte D'Alba
The soils are of Helvetian origin: compact clay and limestone marls along with tuff in Bussia di Monforte.
Castiglione Falletto the villero vineyard
Approximately twelve kilometers (seven miles) from Alba, the town of Castiglione Falletto dominates the hillside ridge which runs through the central part of the Barolo appellation. Soils are of Helvetian origin with clay and limestone deposits rich in iron.
The Cannubi sub-zone of Barolo
Historically eminent among the vineyards and sub-zones with the highest potential for fine Barolo: the oldest bottle of the Langhe district is conserved in the city of Bra and bears the inscription Cannubi 1752: the Cannubi name has always been a seal of honor and a true, universally recognized guarantee. Soils are of Tortonian origin, marls and tuff together with a significant presence of sand in the Cannubi vineyard in the township of Barolo, which maintains a soft and dry texture in the soil.

More Information
Manufacturer Giacomo Fenocchio
Year 2018
Size Ml. 750
Gradation 14,5%
Body Medium
Ageing and Fining Six months in stainless still stell and six months in big Slavonian oak casks and then in bottle
Ageing To 12 months
Color Is a deep ruby red with garnet reflections.
Aroma It has a rather intense bouquet, with scents typical of the vine and a full bodied and dry flavor, with a distinct and pleasing acidity.
Aroma balsamic, Floral, Fruity, Spicy
Taste It becomes mature with aging, acquiring a full and balanced flavor.
Serving temperature 16°-18° C.
Blend description 100% Barbera
Contains sulfites Yes
Zona Piemonte
Matching Ham , Boiled meat
Ideal with Meat Red
Classification Barbera d' Alba DOC
Organic No
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