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Parmigiano Della Vacche Rosse Reggiana 24 Mesi Kg 1,1 Divine Golosità Toscane
  • Parmigiano Della Vacche Rosse Reggiana 24 Mesi Kg 1,1 Divine Golosità Toscane

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Parmigiano Della Vacche Rosse Reggiana 24 Mesi Kg 1,1

Winery Consorzio Della Vacche Rosse

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Gr. 1000

How is the Red Cows Consortium born? At the beginning of the nineties, a group of breeders took into account the idea to start again the production of Parmigiano-Reggiano with the milk of the ancient Reggiana’s breed. Just as they did in the past.
The idea, sprung from the gathering of breeders, experts of the agricultural and scientific world both at local and national level, has been realized in 1991, with the tuning of a program of value, realized together with the Centro Ricerche Produzioni Animali in Reggio Emilia and financed by the Agricultural Ministry.
The milk of different breeders of Reggiana’s breed has been delivered in only one cheese factory and it has been dealt separately from that of othere breeds, in this way it has been solved one of the main problem in the recent history of the Red Cows. The problem was the spread of few breeders on the territory and the poor number of cows that didn’t allow to work the milk of Red Cows alone, without the addition of other milk.
Always in 1991, to manage this program and to organize efficiently the activity to value the product, the breeders group decided to create the Consorzio di Valorizzazione dei Prodotti dell’Antica Razza Reggiana (C.V.P.A.R.R. Consortium to value the products of the ancient Reggiana’s breed). This program lasted two years, but its success was such that the separate production went on independently in the following years by the C.V.P.A.R.R., nowadays known as Red Cows Consortium.
The obvious conclusion of the program of value was the mark on both sides of the whees with the logo of the Reggiana’s Breed Breeder’s National Association.
Nowadays, through the Red Cows Consortium, the partners of the Consortium go on with the production of Parmigiano-Reggiano with the milk of their cows in order to product an excellent cheese, sold in the factory outlet and in the best food shops.
The Red Cows Consortium promotes the creation of other production farm and point of sale in the area where the breed is present, in the plain or in the

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Data sheet

Gr. 1000
Characteristic is the straw yellow colour
the elasticity of the grain, the strong but delicate aroma even after 30 months of ageing..
Contains sulfites
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