La Spinetta - Moscato D'Asti Biancospino 2019 Ml. 750

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Moscato & Sweet Spumante Wine/Wine/Vini Dolci - Spirits

Ml. 750




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Toast  Blue cheeses  Dessert


The spinetta Castagnole is our original cellar, located in the Asti area northwest of Alba. Surrounded by 70 hectares of Moscato and Barbera d'Asti vineyards, this is the place where LA SPINETTA was founded in 1977.
The Rivettis remodeled and expanded the cellar and winery in the mid-1980s. Though more modern in style, cathedral ceilings and an open space characterize the impressive barrique cellar. The original barrel room was once used as the tasting room, but a new space was added in 2010. 
Today our Castagnole Lanze cellar is the heart of our Moscato, Barbaresco and Barbera Cà di Pian production, though we also vinify our two white wines, Pin and Barbera d'Asti Superiore Bionzo here.
The Campè winery was established on the 8 hectares of Nebbiolo vineyards of the same name and represents the evolution of the LA SPINETTA production in respect to the great red wines of Piedmont. Though the vineyard is situated in an area that is less well-known for Barolo production, the soil, vineyard exposure and microclimate are extraordinary. The average age of the vines in the Campè vineyard is 45-60 years. Barolo Campè is vinfied from the grapes coming from the upper part of the vineyard, while Barolo Garretti is produced from Nebbiolo planted in the lower portion.
LA SPINETTA purchased the 8 hectares of vineyard in 2000 and less than 3 years later, in 2003, the new, state-of-the-art Barolo cellar was finished. In addition to our Barolo wines, our Barbera d'Alba Gallina and Langhe Nebbiolo are also produced here.
The very best selection of Barolo Campè is bottled exclusively in magnum and released as a Riserva, 10 years after harvest. The grapes for the Riserva Magnum come from the finest part of the Campè vineyard, in the upper center, where the vines not only get the best sun exposure, but also where all work is carried out without the use of tractors. Workers tend the vineyard on foot and manually, and twice-a-year plowing is carried out by Giorgio and one of his work horses, either Morro or Pipo.

More Information
Manufacturer La Spinetta
Year 2019
Size Ml. 750
Gradation 4.5%
Body Light
Ageing and Fining No wood
Color Yellow with green reflections
Aroma Sweet and sexy, with aromas of mango, floral and honey
Aroma Aromatic, Floral, Fruity
Taste The 2016 is full bodied with sherbet, lemon and peach flavors and a hint of caramel
Serving temperature 4°- 6° C.
Blend description 100% Moscato
Contains sulfites Yes
Zona Piemonte
Matching Aperitif, Blue cheeses, Strawberries, Dry pastries, Dry sweets/cakes, Fruit cakes, Dessert, Meditation wines / Dessert wines
Ideal with Toast, Blue cheeses, Dessert
Classification Asti o Moscato DOCG
Organic No
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